Service items
Shenzhen Lanxin International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd. was established in February 2005. It is a professional third-party international logistics company with a registered capital of 10 million. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and  has overseas branches in Hong Kong, and more than 100 overseas. The agency service network covers the world, and can provide shipping and export from major ports in China to all parts of the world.We maintain close cooperation with the major shipping companies,such as MAERSK,HMM,APL,EVERGREEN,CMA and so on. We have first-class price and first-class service.
Bluestar is a logistics enterprise you can trust!

Classification of dangerous goods
Class 1,  explosives.
Class 2,  flammable gases. Class 3,  flammable liquids, Class4 ,  flammable solids and natural substances, which emit flammable gases when they meet water.
Class 5,   oxidants and organic peroxides.
Class 6,   toxic and infectious substances.
Class 7,   radioactive substances.
Class 8, corrosive substances,.
Class 9,  other dangerous goods.
Our company has many years of dangerous goods operation experience, the following goods have been Operated: