Marine bill of lading
It is the cargo receipt issued by the carrier after receiving the goods,It is also evidence of the contract of carriage signed by the carrier,The bill of lading also represents the ownership of the goods and is a document with the characteristics of real right.
The types of bills are:
Marine bill of lading,Sea Waybill,Air Waybill,Railway waybill,Carriage receipt and MTD.
The content
1,In accordance with the provisions of Article 73 of the Maritime Law of the People's Republic of China promulgated and implemented on July 1, 1993,The following shall be written on the face of the bill of lading:
1,The description, mark, number of packages or pieces, weight or volume of the goods and, in the case of dangerous goods, a statement of the nature of the danger.
2,The name and principal place of business of the carrier.
3,Name of ship.
4,The name of the shipper.
5,Name of consignee.
6,The port of loading and the date of acceptance of the goods at the port of loading.
7,Port of discharge.
8,The multimodal transport bill of lading shall specify the place of receipt of the goods and the document, the place of the goods.
9,The date, place and number of copies of the bill of lading.
10,Payment of freight.
11,The carrier or his representative.
Article 73 of China Maritime Law also stipulates that the absence of one or more items specified in this paragraph in a bill of lading does not affect the nature of the bill of lading, and that the particulars recorded on the front of a bill of Lading are prima facie evidence in law.
Ⅱ Do's and don'ts
1,The shipper is generally the beneficiary of the letter of credit, if the issuer to trade needs, requirements do third-party bills of lading can also follow suit.
2,If the consignee requestsis  to be named, the bill of lading may be made out to the name of the particular company or consignee, or, in the case of an order, to order or to order.If the bill of lading listed in the order, according to different requirements can be made by the shipper's instructions, by the consignee's instructions, or by bank instructions.
3,The recipient of the arrival notice sent by the shipping company when the goods arrive at the port of destination is actually the importer.The bill of lading under the letter of credit is usually the applicant of the letter of credit.If the letter of credit on the bill of lading to notify the person has the right to spec