The operation of dangerous goods is more complicated than that of ordinary goods, and the basic precautions for professional operation are as follows:
1, dangerous goods warehouse needs the terminal and the whole company's audit, if the transit also needs the confirmation of the transit port, so the booking needs at least 5 days in advance, and the earlier, the better.
2, Detailed and strict information should be provided to avoid final low-level mistakes, resulting in additional costs for not uploading. (the warehouse rent for dangerous goods is Much more expensive.)
3.Container loading time and return time must be strictly Controlled in accordance with the requirements of the terminal, otherwise additional costs will be incurred.
4, The pasting of danger signs should be firm and the location should be standardized.
5, Photos of packing pictures  should  be clear, at least 8 different directions of photos is to be  provided.
6.The data of maritime declaration and customs declaration should be rigorous.
7,Warehouse loading and unloading  should be strictly regulated, product batches, loading order, tray customization, film wrapping, micro-labeling, photo requirements,  loading and unloading methods and other links are more stringent.